Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Settler's Return

Not before time, they said, as I entered the bar,
a place far removed from those haunts of old, and yet,
even before the miracle poison erased the lines
and loosened my lips enough to declare
20/20 vision so clearly redefined,
I stood with the oaks in their human casket,
elbows embedded like branches, outstretched arms,
a rocket of a pool cue flourish – good crack!

I knew those men,
strangers by day, bonding over beer and trivia;
When did the Berlin wall come down?
and Norma Jean become Marilyn?
And talking of Herbert George,
if I owned a pub, I'd call it The Time Machine,
but not before...

A pint of tequila and two lager and cokes, if you please...

I stuffed my change into the jukebox,
new friends in the corner cackling along,
tossing all ghosts on the table to get up and dance.

Such a lovely place to remember
a vacant face to forget

Enjoy the crack...

(But not before)

Swaying under artificial lights,
I saw a girl
playing footsie with a domino,
wrecking a house of cards -
bottoms up.

Modesty, she said, was a coquettish wine.

I'll stick to my oaks, if you please...